Crufts 2015


Jch. Monopoli du Circuit - Best DOG !


WOHOOO !! 4 Years in a row Crufts Winner!!


2012 - multich. Ithani


2013 - multich. ww. King Louie


2014 - multich..ww. King Louie ...







Nova Gloria                           Numa Lucia



IDS Eindhoven

jugde.Mvr.Desserne (Fr)

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, Cac, Cacib, Bob

shortlisted in the Group

Handler Naomi


Like father like son


Brussel Dog Show
my two special boys did great today....again
W.W. King Louie 1Ex, Cac, Cacib Belgian Winner (3th time on a row)

Crufts Qualifications 2015

and his son..

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, Best Junior,Benelux Junior Winner (3th time on a row

so he gets aswell the title Benelux Junior Champion!!
Best Male, Benelux Winner, Crufts Qualifications, BOB !!!!!

Group II - Shortlisted!!
Junior Main Ring - Shortlisted!!!
Thank you to all honorable judges for these great results
Mr. E. Engh (No), Mr. V. van Raamsdonk (Be), Mr. A. Komorowski (D)




litter of five beautiful puppys born on  22.11.2014

2 males - 3 females

Lux.JCh.,Lux.Benelux Jw., Ned.Benelux Jw. Monopoli du Circuit


Multi champion Isella

we´re so happy with our litter out of this combination!!




Incredibly!! We had a fantastic weekend in Italy!

08.11. - 09.11.'14


Duo Cacib Dog Show Sassari (Sardinië -Italy)
King Louie  triumphed again !!

day 1:
1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB  Group 2place
day 2: 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Razze Italiane 1place and  Group 1place
!!!!!!!!!!! * BIS * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you very much all the honorable judges for these fantastic results!
Mrs.Orietta Zilli, Mr.Hadji Savas, Mr.Balducci Francesco





 Whohoo!!! What a fantastic day for father and son today, on the

Benelux Winner show Rotterdam (Nl)

judge Mr. w. Peper(Ger)

Monopoli du Circuit  1 Ex, Best junior, res. CAC and!!! Bis-j#3

junior Benelux Winner

multi Ch.  W.W. King Louie 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB and!!! Bog#3

Benelux Winner


Thanks to the hororablejudges Mr W. Peper(Ger) & R.Blümel(Au) for this great day!

And thanks Naomi vanMourik for super handling of Monopoli!



International Dog Show Luxembourg

judge: Dhr. G. Giorgio ( Italy)

Monopoli du Circuit  1 Ex, res. CAC, BOBj 

Luxembourg youth Winner Crufts Qualification




World winner dog show Finland

judge Mrs. A. Griffa (Italy)


King Louie 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

= =World Champion!!!!= =




 Club show Finland

judge Mr. J. Vasco Pocas ( Portugal)

ring of honor - Mr. R. Malo Alcrudo ( Spain)


King Louie 1Ex CAC, BOB, BIS Finnish Champion




Club Show MNCN ( Moloss & Mastino  Club Nederland)

judge P. Roosenboom ( B)


Monopoli du Curcuit junior class  2Ex


Ch. King Louie 1Ex, CAC, Best Male, BOB,

CW '14, Club champion Bis!!!!!!!!

Second year in a row!!!!

This boy is just amazing!!!!



Dogshow De Baronie, Tilburg(Nl)

judge A. Wijnsouw(Nl)

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, CAC, Best junior, Best Male(youthclass)




Europasieger Dortmund(Ger)

judge Dr. Schock(Ger)

multi ch. King Louie 1EX, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB, BOB

Crufts qualification ´15

Europasieger ´14




Nina Ricci's personal page is now online!




IDS Brabo Antwerpen (B)
judge Mr. A.Beare (IE)
multi ch. King Louie 1EX, CAC, CACIB, BOB
multi ch. Isella  1EX, CAC  CACIB, BOS

and Isella has finished her International championship